About us



The incoming agency Ikaros Travel was founded in 1999 by Stefanos Makakas. The company was and is still located in Amsterdam. The city with many faces, sometimes also called the Venice of the North because of its graphic canals which surround the historic centre, became its first destination. Only few years after its establishment Ikaros Travel started with a special Benelux program which combines the most interesting parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Since one year the company has a second permament base in Brussels so a Brussel program could be added. 

The success of Ikaros Travel is not only to be attributed to its wonderful destinations, which offer a wide range of interesting and impressive places, but also to its hard-working team of employees. Each team-member has not only heart for the tourist-business but also years of experience in this area. All employees have a special relation with Greece and therefore with the Greek tourists. Below we would like to give a small introduction to all its team-members.

Ikaros Team

Stefanos Makakas

Angelos Drougkas

Zaza Wilms

Giannis Kalantaridis

Anja ter Maaten

Dionysia Ntentopoulou