For more than 10 years Ikaros Travel offers its services within the Netherlands and Belgium to selected travel agencies and touroperators. These services include hotel overnights, transfers, excursions and guide. Years of experience have amounted to 3 general programs which are mostly used but of course they can be adjusted according to specific wishes.

AMSTERDAM 4 OR 5 DAYS - City Tour, Marken-Volendam, Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague.

Impressive canals and 17th  century houses which are on the World Heritage list of the Unesco, countless bicycles, picturesque mills and villages, colorful flowers in green parks, grazing fields, rivers, medieval castles and palaces and unique modern architectural constructions. More details......

BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) 6 OR 7 DAYS - Brussels, Ghent-Bruges, Luxemburg, Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague, Marken-Volendam, Amsterdam.

An unforgettable combination of the Benelux countries with an every day richly filled program of excursions. More details.....

BRUSSELS 4 OR 5 DAYS -  City Tour, Ghent-Bruges, Luxemburg.

Home to the European Parliament and the International Court, romantic cities which remind us of the Middle Ages, woods, meandering rivers, remote villages and the beautiful Belgian Ardennes. More details...